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“Never mind  that Mother Nature slighted him with small stature, his perception of largeness knows no bounds.”




So I was walking my favorite Fox Terrier “Brinar” one day in a public park.  The sun was shining in a gentle breeze, the birds were twittering without a care, and generally speaking, all was right with the world.

Brinar, like all terriers, believes he’s a Big Dog.  Never mind that Mother Nature slighted him with small stature…his perception of largeness knows no bounds.

Now the Ordinary Person, not afforded the pleasure of walking a variety of dogs, perhaps is unaware that as a professional dog walker, you take on the persona of the dog you’re walking.  For example, when walking a lab, you invariably tend to be more friendly and effusive with everyone who walks by. On the contrary, while walking a blue heeler, you tend to walk in a furtive zig zag pattern and have an inexplicable urge to block everyone’s path as they approach you.

Needless to say, walking Brinar always gave me a feeling of immense pride.  I knew that everyone who looked upon me with Brinar-dog in hand, looked upon me with respect, with unbridled admiration and approval.  My tail was high.

It was with this air of superiority that we stopped in front of an amiable elm tree.  I looked upon Brinar with a loving twinkle in my eye as he sniffed about its base for an appropriate place to do His Job.  Having found the spot he backed up, coming closer and closer, until (to my embarrassment) he was walking backwards with his hind legs up the tree, as though it were a sort of gymnastic apparatus.

Business Coaching Aim High DogPeople stopped, gaped, and started laughing hysterically.  When he had achieved a full hand-stand he doodled, did a one quarter turn in a half-pike position, and nimbly dismounted (sticking his landing). Although the rest of the walk passed without incident, my feeling of superiority had been replaced by a deep feeling of unease.  Somehow, my world had been shaken.

Later, as I was talking to my dog psychiatrist, I recalled the event and asked what he thought of it.  He told me that Fox Terriers will frequently exhibit such behavior so that other dogs passing by would think they were entering the territory of a large dog.  Presumably, this would make them think twice before doodling.

My feeling of unease melted away and I instantly adopted a philosophy of life that has served me well ever since.  Aim high and leave your mark!

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