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“Economy of vision is often the culprit of shortsightedness. What is your vision for your company? Have you made the mistake of imagining that because you’re small you can cut corners on professionalism?”

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Design is Hurting Your Credibility
Part Three


As we mentioned in our earlier post:  “why your website works against you”, credibility is about human relationships. In the growing age of digital media, those relationships often begin and end with your website content. How do you rate with your clients? Are you No. 1 or are you virtually invisible?

Twenty years ago, when I started doing website design, many small businesses were still confused about why they needed a website. They viewed websites as a cross between a business card and yellow-page ad. Some viewed website design as a necessary evil – like needing an attorney.  Websites were just another place that sucked their dollars away. Likewise, many businesses erroneously correlated less words with cost savings. If they needed a website, by God they weren’t going to have a lot of content on it! Although identity in marketing had been around since John Deere, it hadn’t filtered down to them yet. In short, they didn’t have vision.

Pinching Pennies or Strangling Your Business?

Economy of vision is often the culprit of shortsightedness. What is your vision for your company? Have you made the mistake of imagining that because you’re small you can cut corners on professionalism?” Many inexperienced small business owners today are struggling with some of the same misconceptions of twenty years ago. Although they need a website they put little thought into content marketing.  Too busy working in their businesses rather than on their businesses, they don’t have the time or inclination to think about their websites – beyond cost.  That’s why so many small business owners succumb to cheap website “solutions” that can hurt their businesses. Drawn by the lure of DIY tools, free hosting and a website “presence” they are easily exploited. For many, the decision to pinch that penny will unfortunately be the defining, traceable moment of their ultimate demise.

Why Your Content Is Invisible

Your clients are looking for your business online – unfortunately, so are you. “Why your content is invisible” is better suited to a book title than a paragraph topic. From lack of keyword research, to well-intentioned designers spamming meta data and keywords, to the sheer paucity or irrelevance of content itself, the reasons why your website isn’t ranking on Google are numerous and complicated. In fact, it can even be because you’re using a cheap website shop. It’s no wonder WIX sites, for example, keep being “unindexed” from Google. WIX converts text into code. Forget that your website is bloated and glutted with code – a death knell in and of itself. What if your source code was all code and no text? It’s difficult for Google to index text when there is none. If we were Google we’d tell those websites to piss off too.

The bottom line is, if your content can’t be found on Google, what kind of credibility do you think you have?  As we mentioned before, Google isn’t fickle. What you see is very much what you get. If your clients can’t even see you on Google the only thing you’re likely to get is a failed business.

The Carewright designs custom, affordable  websites to help you elevate your small business and attain your goals. Do you think your content is great? Let’s find out together! Redeem your free website analysis and see what kind of job your content marketing is doing for you. Our free website analysis also comes with a free phone consult to help you understand how you can improve your website’s performance.

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