Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Graphic

SEO Analysis – $65

  1. Perform website keyword content analysis in order to determine keyword hierarchy and prevalence
  2. Determine Google ranking in relationship to website keyword content analysis
  3. Examine URL ranking 
  4. Determine domain registration and expiration dates
  5. Locate and determine code errors and warnings
  6. Examine site to determine code-to-text ratio
  7. Determine presence of a robots.txt file
  8. Google URL to determine if site is being cloaked
  9. Examine URL to trace back presence and number of inbound links
  10. Review site to determine if outbound links are coded correctly
  11. Review site links for keyword anchor text
  12. Review site code to determine if first link is keyword optimized
  13. Review site code for keyword meta data that is consistent with content optimization
  14. Review code for hidden text
  15. Review site for properly coded headlines
  16. Review site for images with rasterized text
  17. Review page titles to determine alignment with page content
  18. Review site for presence of a blog
  19. Submit site URL to scan for duplicate content
  20. Determine if URL can be found with or without ‘www’
  21. Review code for presence of flash code or use of frames
  22. Examine URL to determine if broken links exist
  23. Scan site IP address for shared hosting with disreputable sites
  24. Review site for call to action
  25. Review content for marketplace differentiation and featured products and or services
  26. Review content for credibility builders such as physical address, business associations, testimonials, social media networks, etc.
  27. Review content for video and photography
  28. Review content for search controls and sign-up forms

On-Page SEO Package Services – $750

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Optimize Page Title Tags
  3. Optimize Page Headings
  4. Validate HTML
  5. Validate CSS
  6. Reduce Code to Text Ratio
  7. Reduce Page Rank Drain
  8. Optimized Anchor Text on Hyperlinks
  9. Create Hyperlink Hierarchy
  10. Add Correct robots.txt
  11. Create Page Alignment
  12. Fix Broken Links
  13. Add Internal Backlinks to Optimized Pages
  14. Add Optimized Alt Tags and Title Tags
  15. Remove Meta Keyword Spam

Off-Page SEO Package Services – $1020

  1. Social Media Integration
  2. Blog Broadcasting
  3. Search Engine Submission
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Press Release
  6. RSS Directory Submission
  7. Google My Business Page
  8. Extend Domain Registration
  9. SSL Certificate
  10. Dedicated IP
  11. GPS Metadata
  12. Apple Maps Location
  13. Create XML Sitemap
  14. Sitemap Submission to Search Engines
  15. Google Webmaster Account