Year in Review

The Carewrightbusiness coaching

me-and-catherine-color-edit-logo-overlayThis has been an incredible year at The Carewright. We’ve had a great time meeting new colleagues and friends. Likewise we’ve had the privilege of learning more about admirable members of our local business community – starting with members of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

If all that entrepreneurial energy were not enough, we also had the opportunity to participate in Connect 4 Impact, thanks to Kristy Wygmans. Connect 4 Impact was a great community event and we were so happy to be able to contribute our time. Likewise, we had a blast presenting our seminar on Identity and the Purpose of Social Media for members of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, Red Carpet Committee. It was very gratifying to learn that people found our take on the topic so refreshing and meaningful.

Business Coaching Chamber Seminar

The most inspiring thing this year though has simply been the people. It’s so inspiring to connect with people who’s identity is such an integral part of their business. People with deep values, large passions, and inspired creativity. When identity and business converge you get amazing outcomes that benefit the community, both in products and services, and philanthropic giving.

Business owners in Fort Collins are fortunate to have so many community leaders to emulate and such large footprints to follow. For our part, we’re looking forward to more education, business coaching, storytelling and creativity in the promising year to come!

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, colleagues and friends. We wish you and your family good health and every happiness now and in the upcoming year.