Words, in small business, are perhaps the most potent tools in conveying identity. What are your words saying?

Words, in small business, are perhaps the most potent tools in conveying identity. What are your words saying?

The Wicked Smithy

Wordsmithing is our most highly utilized technical service and one of the biggest things you can do for your small business. There are literally hundreds of reasons why small businesses and individuals (across the country) are seeking the services of our Wicked Smithy. The weight of your identity is resting on your words. Indeed, a charismatic identity is what inspires people to call you, instead of your competitor. Don’t believe us? Try selling your services when your local competitor “just sounds friendlier.”

Simply put, you need to have a firm grasp on your identity early on – ideally before you even open your business, in order to effectively tell your story. Your words help convey your values and support your identity. You’re either who you say you are or you’re not.

Who are you?


“Yes please, Wicked Smithy, put words in my mouth…”


  • What is your message saying about your identity?
  • Is your brand voice resonating with your intended market?
  • Are you effectively telling your story?
  • Is your social media on-point with your brand voice?
  • Do you need some direction or help leveraging blog content?
  • Is your website content optimized and effectively marketing your identity?
  • Do you need to rebrand or change direction?



  • Do you know how your phraseology is affecting your intended message?
  • Is your overall message client-centric or self-centric?
  • Are your policies crystal clear and cohesive or do they spell disaster with ambiguity?
  • Do your policies jive with your service agreement, privacy policy and legal website disclosure?
  • Do you need to send an important mass email to your clients?
  • Do you need to fire a client?
  • Do you need to craft a Press Release?
  • Do you need to respond to a social media attack or reputation crises?
  • Do you need to craft web content to convey a competent, welcoming identity while optimizing for Google?
  • Do you need to restructure your identity to justify price point adjustments?
  • Do you need to craft physical assets that won’t end up in the trash?


Rod W.

Thanks for all your business and technical writing help. Your marketing strategy, copy, website content and billboard campaigns were inspiring and iconic. Your vision for our culture and mission were instrumental in re-creating our brand and making us a peer-recognized, industry leader and nationally award-winning organization.
“Wicked” is an understatement.

Margaret T.

Your wordsmithing abilities are unbelievable! Whenever I am in need of help with my business you are who I speed dial. Your vision of my business needs gives me direction and scope. Your depth of experience has enabled me to make the most out of my budget. I have used your service now on a number of projects and I always get a great return on my investment. I recommend you regularly to other business owners. Thank you!

Bruce C.

I wanted to thank you for making me sound so good! You have an amazing grasp of our culture and our mission! Your communication skills are awesome. Keep up the great work.